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             FRUIT JUICING


We have established a commercial kitchen/juicing facility which will be available for hire from February 2019 for local (Northland) producers.

We know how difficult it is to produce a good volume of fruit juice efficiently, and in a safe clean environment. 

It is our intention to provide a facility for both small and larger scale operations, from those who can combine with friends to juice a minimum of 200 kgs ( approx 150 ltrs juice apples).

Or for those with several tonnes of fruit to juice. 

This system returns around 70-75 % of juice to weight (for eg. apples) other fruits will vary.

The fruit can be washed on site, milled with the Voran centrifugal mill RM 2,2 and then pressed using the Voran P2 cloth and rack system which presses without imparting heat or damage to the juice.

The juice can then be pumped into your transport tank. 

With 2 operators the system has the ability to process up to one tonne of fruit per hour.

Our kitchen facility has the usual array of cooking and processing items including a vacuum packer, meat mincer, sausage maker and vegetable/fruit processing.

Do you want to make local food products for markets etc ?

    Contact for more information and a site meeting email to