By Thunder Its Good




Welcome to Thunder Mountain Orchard & Nursery! 


We would like to share with you our enthusiasm for some ‘good old’ heritage fruit trees.

Growing, harvesting, consuming and sharing all that wonderful fruit is truly one of life’s greater pleasures.

At Thunder Mountain we produce on a smaller commercial scale a range of organic heritage fruit from 17 apple varieties, 21 plum varieties and 6 pear varieties coming from approximately 1500 trees right here on Whatitiri Mountain 20 mins SW of Whangarei. Our fruit is available through the Whangarei Growers Market and selected outlets.

All our orchard tree varieties were carefully selected from notable sources such as Koanga Institute and others, so that we would have trees that were themselves selected for superior performance and disease resistance here in the ‘North’.

And it’s reassuring to know that these varieties have stood the test of time and been preserved for succeeding generations and are not forgotten fruits as some have come to think.

As Kay explains…..

“This is a really good example of what we talk about so often: if we want trees to perform for us up here in the north, we have to find trees that are adapted to these conditions. We have, however found a lot of old trees around the north over that time and now have a very special collection of apples for the northern Bio region. The old apples taste really different to the modern ones, and I’m more sure all the time that if we want to fully nourish ourselves with the food we eat then these old apples are a really  important part of that process “.(Kay Baxter Koanga catalogue 2005).


We set ourselves the task thirteen years ago of not only grafting all of our own orchard trees, but also providing good quality,  organically grown, good value nursery trees for others. The term ‘direct from the grower’ should mean something, with us it does.    Our heritage fruit trees are available by selecting from our catalogue emailing your order to us, and the bare rooted trees will be available July/August.

We want to encourage you by our fair price pointing and package deals to….


For you, your children, or your grandchildren!

“He who plants a tree loves others besides himself” anonymous